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Yellingbo, Woori Yallock Creek sub-catchment, Australia
Have you ever wanted to contribute to conservation of a threatened species? The Helmeted Honeyeater is Victoria's state emblem and is listed as: 1. Critically endangered (DSE Advisory List Of Threatened Vertebrate Fauna In Victoria - 2007) 2. Threatened (Victorian Govt. Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988) 3. Critically endangered (Federal Govt. Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999) Can people make a difference to this bird's long-term survival? We believe anyone can. Check out the 'Take action' button on our homepage (www.helmetedhoneyeater.org.au), then contact us for more details.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Be part of the solution

For endangered species we are both their greatest enemy and their only hope.

These wonderful creatures will not argue their case.
They will not put up a fight.
They will not beg for reprieve.
They will not say goodbye.
They will not cry out.
They will just vanish.

And after they have gone, there will be silence.
There will be stillness.
And there will be empty places.
And nothing you can say will change this.
Nothing you can do will bring them back.

Source: Bradley Trevor Greive, Priceless: The Vanishing Beauty of A Fragile Planet

Habitat loss is the major reason species become endangered. We are gearing up for our revegetation and plant propagation activities now. Find out more about how you can take action with us today. You'll be warmly welcomed.