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Yellingbo, Woori Yallock Creek sub-catchment, Australia
Have you ever wanted to contribute to conservation of a threatened species? The Helmeted Honeyeater is Victoria's state emblem and is listed as: 1. Critically endangered (DSE Advisory List Of Threatened Vertebrate Fauna In Victoria - 2007) 2. Threatened (Victorian Govt. Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988) 3. Critically endangered (Federal Govt. Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999) Can people make a difference to this bird's long-term survival? We believe anyone can. Check out the 'Take action' button on our homepage (www.helmetedhoneyeater.org.au), then contact us for more details.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Minister Jennings comes to YNCR

On 14 May 08 Gavin Jennings, Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Innovation (pictured in centre), visited the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve (YNCR) to see and hear first hand about this unique environment, the threats it is facing and the practical actions, planning and drive of those working toward good conservation outcomes for this area. He was shown Helmeted Honeyeaters and a Leadbeater's Possum in their natural environment. After touring the reserve, the Minister was introduced to a number of key Friends’ partner organisations and individuals, who spoke on current local issues such as access to funding opportunities and support for landholders undertaking conservation works on private properties and the linking of ‘island’ reserves and public land to establish conservation bio-links for our native species in this time of increasing pressure from climate change.

We also took the opportunity to ask the Minister to help us connect with new audiences and assist us promote two of our publications, “Yellingbo – a special place” and “Hilton finds a Home”, copies of which were presented to him on the day. Profits from these books go directly into the Friends activities in the reserve so with stock still on hand, the Friends would be pleased to hear from any of our members who are able to offer assistance with marketing through their networks.

Preliminary plans are being made to follow up this visit with an ‘update meeting’ later
in the year.

Image: Steve Mitchell (Macclesfield Landcare), Bruce Quin (DSE Field Ornithologist), Gavin Jennings and Brooke Colbert (Ministerial advisor on the Environment)
Photograph by: R Connor

Bushfire at Bunyip State Park

A fire that occurred in Bunyip State Park over the 25th -27th April 2008 is still being investigated, however we can report that it got within 4.5-5.0 kms of the Helmeted Honeyeater release sites before a fortunate weather change brought 16 mm of rain and a gentler wind, reducing fire activity and allowing it to be contained and extinguished. Emergency plans were activated as a precaution, but the birds remained safe.

Image: Tonimbuk release site 1, Bunyip State Park
Photograph by: S Tardif